About Director    
  The person behind the eminence of blessing catering is Mr.Ranjith, who is the director and founder of this firm. His constant effort and perseverance is the only magic for RBC attaining the current stage, as it has won various awards in the food industry.

The real time example of hard work takes one in the path of success, can be quoted to Mr.Ranjith. He underwent lots of struggles during his young days. At the age of seventeen he shifted to Nilgiris as he was separated from his parents. Without anyone’s support he strived hard starting his journey from a cleaning staff in C class hotel. The burning desire of Mr.Ranjith took him to a finest position in his life, yes! Today he is one of the successful entrepreneurs.
  RBC is promisingly doing various catering projects in the hotel industry for more than twenty years and till today it is administered by the founder Mr.P.Ranjith. The level of his involvement towards work can be seen even today when he serves the food, such a humble tone and humanity can be felt. He captures the need of the people who is eating food just by sight and provide it on the right time.